you may be eligible for a grant of up to £200 

ila funding

by Skills Development Scotland

About ILA Funding

Independent Learning Account (ILA) is a fund available from Skills Development Scotland where eligible candidates can access up to £200 per year towards any ILA approved course (all of our courses are). Almost all of our courses can be fully funded by this. 
If this is your first time applying for ILA funds, lifeSKILLS can assist you in completing your funding application. 
Please note that this fund is only available to those living in 
Scotland. The funding process may take anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks. You must have ILA funds in place before starting any of our courses. 

Am I eligible for ila funding?

To apply, you must be:a British citizen; or a national of a member state of the European Economic Area who has utilised their ‘right of residence’; or settled within the United Kingdom within the meaning of section 33(2A) of the Immigration Act 1971.  You are only eligible for support if you are ‘settled within the UK’. If you are in Scotland on a temporary student or work visa then you are not entitled to SDS Individual Learning Account funding. 'Settled' means being both ordinarily resident in the UK, and without any immigration restriction on the length of your stay in the UK. 'Settled' can include those with Indefinite Leave to Remain/Enter and those with Refugee status. You do not have 'settled status' if you have a time limit on the length of your stay in the UK, as shown by your current immigration permission. For example, those with 'Limited Leave'.and
You must be ordinarily resident* in Scotland.

  • Aged 16 years or over
  • Have an income of £22,000 or less, or be in receipt of a qualifying benefit
  • Not hold a UK degree or postgraduate qualification or overseas equivalent
  • Not enrolled in any form of secondary, further or higher education
  • You are considered to be in secondary education until the date you leave school
  • You are considered to be in further or higher education from the date you enrol on your course
  • You can’t use ILA to fund any part-time course that is already funded by the part-time fee grant
  • If you’re participating in training through the Employability Fund or Modern Apprenticeship, or participating on the Community Jobs Scotland programme you're not eligible for ILA.